Hi. I’m Kiran Matthews, a digital media designer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I like to design things that are simple, intuitive and elegant. Here’s a selection of recent work…

NWZ.co.nzCivil & NavalLiftyWellington MakerspaceTuck InBen Childs, PortfolioSTUDiO student handbookBANG! iPad picturebookPortrait of an ActorATM design researchAble-X testimonial videosAccidental CandymanNorthLUCIResponsive news site design

I have a range of skills, including branding and identity, interaction design, video and audio production and front-end development. I love to work on apps, websites, posters and videos. What I find really rewarding about my work is the pursuit of new and interesting design solutions. Through experimentation, constant testing and refinement, it’s possible to reach succinct designs that guide user interaction.

Margaret Maile Petty

“In my courses, Kiran has consistently produced highly refined work: he is a talented student with a strong understanding of aesthetics. Kiran is a reliable, self-motivated designer; able to swiftly produce work with a high degree of resolve.” Margaret Maile Petty - Head of School, Design at Victoria University of Wellington

Matt Kennedy

“Since first meeting Kiran I've been impressed with his brilliant knack for bridging the gap between working and talking with clients and actually producing quality design; be it graphic, photography, or motion picture. He's a generalist, in all the right ways.” Matt Kennedy - Managing Director at DesignGel

If you’d like to get in touch, you can use this form to quickly send me an email. My contact details are listed below. I can also be reached through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Mobile : +64 22 309 2753


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